Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fix that Rust

After finding the rust in the rails I took a long break from the project (hence no updates).  Needed to decide if the project was still worth it and was contemplating a new shell.  Long story short, I decided to stay the course. It was a lot of work.  I've been learning to TIG weld through this build so the welds are far from perfect asthetically, but I expect them  to hold well.

 photo 20130713_143956_zps50cbf497.jpg
The passenger side was the worst by far, apparently rust stated underneath the undercoating on the firewall along with the frame rail and where moisture gets trapped at the brake line holder

 photo 20130717_234602_zps8cd82c4d.jpg
I welded in spots to give the patch panel some extra bite along with welding around the perimiter

 photo 20130717_234633_zps2cecc583.jpg

 photo 20130719_010437_zpscca8f76a.jpg

 photo 20130720_181908_zpsdf9a6750.jpg
Passenger side after completion

 photo 20130722_235826_zps6c094a99.jpg
On the drivers side I tried to make the repair more flush with less overlap

 photo 20130725_005902_zpsfc98639d.jpg

 photo 20130725_005926_zps9cdb271f.jpg

 photo 20130727_215210_zps7945a9ac.jpg

 photo 20130730_003248_zpsde6b9b8d.jpg
While I was welding things, I made saddle gussets for my front "power brace"

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