Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dropping the Engine Back In (Hopefully the last time for a while)

I finally put the engine back in.  It was pretty drama free, a little nerve racking with the fresh powder on the cross member and fresh paint on the firewall but there really weren't too many problems, aside from needing to get a bigger hammer because the tunnel wasn't beaten in far enough.  A reminder for others, make sure to really beat the tunnel in for clearance.

 photo 20130902_002148_zpsb5bacd3a.jpg

 photo 20130902_002424_zpsb7a2a5a6.jpg

 photo 20130902_000957_zps4256faa7.jpg
I even got my wife in on the action this time.  She was such a good sport, she took the usual first timer spot under the car to guide the tranny into the tunnel.

 photo 20130902_182318_zps0a3f09b7.jpg

 photo 20130904_211616_zps302774c0.jpg

 photo 20130904_211649_zps40415d29.jpg
If you want to run no accessories and a 10% under drive pulley like I did, these are the parts you need to do it.  You have to swap the smooth idler pulley on the alternator for a ribbed idler (same one used on the tensioner) Dayco p/n 89015.  The belt that fit the best was a Dayco p/n 5060540 54" - 6 rib.

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