Tuesday, December 4, 2012

All Dressed Up With No Where to Go

So, I'm finally getting back in the swing of working on the car and updating the blog.  I had a busy summer and fall with long work hours, mountain biking and spending time with the family. I visited Panacea Powder Coating again and had them coat my timing cover and valve covers.  I finally settled on a hammertone bronze color similar to my rims for the parts.

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While installing the timing cover I installed the ATI Super Damper.  I chose ATI p/n 917277, It's a 10% under drive without an air conditioning pulley and SFI approval.  No need for A/C since I removed the evaporator from under the dash along with the rest of the system.  I wanted an under drive and the ATI seemed to be the best insurance for my engine while providing under drive.

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I've also added -8 AN heater fittings to the water pump.  The original stainless steel fittings were pretty difficult to remove.  I tried twisting them with a pipe wrench, wishful thinking that they might just forcefully twist out, but no luck there.  I ended up up supporting them with a board to protect the waterpump, smashing in one side with a chisel to collapse it, taking pressure off the sides then they popped right out.  After they came out it was just a matter of tapping the holes they're already the correct size, the small side with a 3/8 npt and the larger with a 1/2 npt.

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